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Hi there,

I am contacting you on behalf of Ctrl alt Shift, a Christian Aid initiative and charity website that encourages youth / young adults to take part in charity through action, rather than just donation.

To support World Aids Day, Ctrl Alt Shift has focused on the travel bans for people with HIV with their ‘Nothing to Declare’ campaign, which has included protests outside the Korean and Saudi Arabian embassies (see links below). The next protest will be held outside the Russian embassy tomorrow 11th November at 8AM.

In relation to this we are also undergoing a campaign to get 50,000 people to sign-up to the Ctrl Alt Shift website. Each sign-up will be a protest against the fact that people living with HIV/Aids are not allowed into 12 countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. These protests will be hand delivered to the relevant embassies on World Aids Day.

I wanted to get in touch to see if there was anyway in which we can work together to raise awareness about this particular issue. We have a number of assets which we will be distributing virally, such as videos and a protest sign-up widget. We would like to ensure these assets are distributed widely to illustrate that this is a subject many people care about and to put pressure on those that have the power to reverse these bans. In addition, we want to help show young people that their efforts can make a difference.

Are there any ways in which you could support our World Aids Day campaign and help encourage youth / young adults to make a difference through action? Perhaps you could post a protest video, tell your supporters about tomorrows protest and the 50K sign-up protest or putting the protest widget on your blog?

I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this matter and how we can work together to ensure we make an impact on World Aids Day.

Many thanks,


From Human Rights Declaration, 2008/11/10 at 2:51 PM

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