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Knitting Nancy! Now there’s a blast from the past. I don’t know what you understand by the term but for us as kids it was when you got your dad to knock four little nails into one end of a cotton reel and then you wound wool around the nails and hooked more wool over each nail in turn and miraculously a long worm of wool emerged from the bottom of the cotton reel and it grew and it grew. When you changed the colour of the wool the anticipation as you watched for the new colour coming through was exciting. I think you were supposed to wind the worm into a circle shape when you’d finished you were meant to turn it into a hat or a tea cosy or a table mat. I never ever remember actually making anything but long multi coloured worms. I loved my knitting nancy. As for those bloody Nancies on a Saturday night, well talk about dragging it out and that ugly little squirmy Lloyd Webber -Yuk!

When K was a baby I bought some bargain wool from somewhere. It was really cheap and I ended up with vast quantities – the trouble was it was all the same shade of pale green. I made umpteen green baby garments and on all of poor K’s baby photographs she looks like a marrowfat pea.

I’m writing this near the coast in North West Wales where we’ve had a glorious day. This evening E and I went in the car for a drive along the lanes which are currently gorgeous with hedgerows of white creamy frothy cow parsley, deep pink campion, blue blue bluebells and shiney yellow buttercups and in one place, a spectacular display of big purple wild orchids. We parked up and walked across a meadow beside a stream to a lovely beach where we set up camp beside a huge rock which had sea pinks sprouting out of every crevice. The cliffs behind us were covered in clumps of primroses. (This is turning into gardeners’ world) We then set to gathering wood and E lit a fire. He had a natty contraption given to him for his birthday last month. It looked for all the world like a metal tube but inside it had all you needed to create a mobile barbecue grill thing. It was called a Grilliput! Anyway he stood it over the fire and we cooked some mackeral on it. E had caught the fish last summer and it had been in the freezer. We’d taken a lemon for squeezing on the fish and some salad with us and we had the most delicious supper sitting on the sand looking at the sparkly sea and basking in warm sunshine -all washed down with a bottle of beer each. It was a perfect picnic.

Yesterday we met my radiotherapy man He wasn’t the young handsome hunk I’d been expecting. He was middle aged, Iraqi I think – very distinguished looking and he was wonderful. He made us laugh, he explained in detail what is going to happen to me and E and I both thought he was utterly charming and we have complete confidence in him. I still don’t know for sure when it will start but he said in the next two weeks I will be asked to attend a technical planning meeting where they will work out exactly what therapy to give me and where precisely the beams will be directed. Then it will be four weeks of daily doses followed by and this is what I’m dreading – a two night stay at the Christie Hospital in Manchester for a procedure they don’t have the equipment for here in North Wales. I’ll spare you the details now but suffice to say it sounds very scarey.

Get knitting! (K1 P1)


  Jayson Breitling wrote @

This post makes a lot of sense !

  Edward Gonzales wrote @

Stumbled to your article through bing and definately worth read. Thanks.

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