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 Travelling to the USA


British Airways customers planning to visit the United States under the visa waiver scheme need to comply with new US Customs regulations in advance of their travel.


From January 12, 2009 the airline will be required to comply with the mandatory Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA), introduced by the US government for all passengers flying into the US.


The benefit of an ESTA is that it will be valid for two years and will allow multiple visits to the US within that period without customers having to apply again.


Customers can provide the information online at or via their travel agent.


The new US legislation requires all customers to provide personal information including their name, date of birth, and passport details, as well as travel information such as the flight number and destination address in the US


This is in addition to Advanced Passenger Information (API), which requires personal and travel details from the time of booking.


Travellers who fail to apply for ESTA before they depart are expected to be refused travel – it is recommended that they apply at least 72 hours in advance. Those making late bookings can still apply, but there is risk that they may not receive immediate confirmation.


Jim Forster, BA’s government and industry affairs manager, said: “We have been working hard to ensure that visa waiver customers are aware that they must apply to the Department of Homeland Security at least 72 hours in advance of travel.


“The website is quick and easy to use and the ESTA remains valid for two years.”





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