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Breast milk purged of HIV virus

A simple nipple shield that prevents HIV transmission from a breast-feeding
mother to her child has been devised by a Cambridge University engineer.

Stephen Gerrard, a chemical engineer, has helped devise the shield that can
disinfect milk as it leaves the breast.

The device uses a detergent used by biochemists to denature proteins for

A layer of cotton-wool soaked in the chemical is added to a conventional
shield and this deactivates the virus.

The layer deals with the virus without having to go through heat treatment
which is the normal treatment to deactivate the HIV virus.

The International Design Development Summit (IDDS) in the United States
brought together engineers and field workers to work on research projects
aimed at developing prototype designs.

Non-toxic solution

Mr Gerrard, together with a team of five others, was assigned the task of
creating a practical design for heating breast milk to deactivate the virus.

“We quickly established this may be too lengthy a process for many women in
developing countries so they might not have the time for it,” he said.

“Research has shown that copper and copper compounds can work but another
approach, carried out by a group at Drexel University seemed more promising.

“Their research has focused on sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), which can kill
the HIV virus quickly and in fairly non-toxic concentrations.”

Their project could also have benefits beyond prevention of HIV.

“We were concerned that using our nipple shield could be stigmatizing, since
it would identify a mother as HIV infected,” said Mr Gerrard.

“We’re considering marketing it as a way to deliver medicines or
micronutrient supplements to aid breast feeding. For example, they can also
be used for iron or iodine deficiency.”
Story from BBC NEWS:

From: Tendayi Westerhof
Hi all
Our problems in Zimbabwe need Divine intervention. Just imagine almost all the shops are empty with no basic food such as mealie-meal, bread, meat, potatoes or rice. I have not tasted Sadza for the last two weeks and I feel my body is now lacking the necessary nutrients that keep me

I feel the effects myself because sometimes I now have to take my ARVs on an empty stomach and this is such a painful experience which is also leading to other medical conditions regarding my health. You can’t even get fruits for vitamins. The few places that sale fruits, the prices are just unbearable just imagine an orange selling for Z$3 billion and I egg is now selling for Z$10b. You now need at least
Z$25billion to buy one USD$ on the parrallel market. We cannot go on like this! Now sanctions are coming heavily on Zimbabwe because of the current government policies which are unfavourable for people to operate freely. Our situation is very tense as people are afraid to express their feelings for fear of victimisation and torture. Our economy has collapsed.

Just Imagine, last week I went to the clinic to get my monthly supply of ARVs, and there was no treatment not even cotri/septrin or anything to treat opportunistic infections. The health personnel told us to go and buy the treatment from the private pharmacy and cotri cost about Z$30b, tripple therapy ARVs are now close to a trillion dollars just for a one month supply depending on the regimen.

My little girl is loosing weight because she is lacking the necessary vitamins in her diet and other nutrients necessary that promote good growth for a child. She is just one example of thousands of children going through this terrible experience. I was even forced to take her out of the private school this term where she is in grade O because the school fees are just prohibitive. Many children like thousands of other children in this country are now sitting at home because the government
teachers are still on strike for close to three years now. We are now facing starvation and its affecting everyone especially women, children and people living with HIV who most have no source of income at all.

We are surviving by the will of GOD and nothing else! Jehova JAIRE.

I am working at SAFAIDS until end of the month.

Warm regards




For the latest travel and residence regulations relating to people living with HIV/AIDS visit EATG on the HIV TRAVEL NEWS link –

There is a specific section on entering the United States of America

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