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Archive for October, 2011

Last Chance Saloon

Don’t seem to have had much time for blogging recently –
more a case of dogging as looking after two dogs as opposed to one which seems
to have taken priority over everything else. Get up, take dogs out on field so
they can check their pee mail as Caesar famous dog trainer calls it, come back,
wipe mud off underbellies (dogs not us unless it’s really wet and we’ve got
muddy bellies too!) do something useful like housework, or maybe not, decide
what to eat or more importantly if can afford to eat – eating far too expensive
these days. Nod off on sofas as knackered from walking, wiping and worrying! Time
to take dogs out again. Luis and I have finally come up with a system to avoid
tangling of dog leads and subsequent rope burn, which is s a bit like kiting
except on the ground.

“Toma ya,” says Luis when Doody delivers her massive missives
(poo mails) and calls them regalos, which is Spanish for presents. Talking of
regalos it’s that time of year (already) when one is forced into thinking about
buying Christmas presents one really cannot afford. I’ve been trying to order
my mine in advance online on ebay although up to now most of my bids have been
unsuccessful – some bugger always outbids me. I’m not going to get that Luis
anything as he didn’t get me anything for my birthday and I’m still sulking. If
he wants a regalo he’ll have to go out in the garden or on the field and wrap
up one of Doody’s. That’ll teach him.

Some good news when I was checking my pee mails – at
least I think it is although I’m not sure if it applies to me.

‘BBC News: HIV life-expectancy rises in the UK’

Our study shows the longevity of patients
who started antiretroviral therapy with a CD4 count of 200-350 cells/mm3.

(mine was only 21 so I guess that rules me

Life expectancy for people with HIV in the UK has
increased by 15 years in the past decade, thanks to modern drugs and earlier
treatment, a study suggests. The Terrence Higgins Trust says people at risk
should get tested now. Figures suggest 80,000 people in the UK carry HIV, and
about 25% are unaware they have the infection.

A team led by Dr Margaret May, of the University of
Bristol, looked at the life expectancy of the average 20-year-old starting
treatment with anti-retroviral drugs between 1996-1999 and 2006-2008. During
that time average life expectancy increased from 30 to almost 46 years,
according to the data, reported in the BMJ.

A woman with HIV could expect to live a decade
longer than a man with HIV, perhaps because women are tested for HIV during
pregnancy and are likely to start treatment earlier, the study found. Co-author
Dr Mark Gompels, of North Bristol NHS trust, said: “These results are very
reassuring news for current patients and will be used to counsel those recently
found to be HIV-positive.”

The HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins
Trust said it was good news for people with HIV, their families and friends. Chief
executive Sir Nick Partridge said: “It also demonstrates why it’s so much
better to know if you have HIV. Late diagnosis and late treatment mean an
earlier grave, so if you’ve been at risk for HIV, get tested now. “Of
course, it’s not just length of life that’s important, but quality of life too,
and having HIV can still severely damage your life’s chances.”

Not sure if the counsellor should emphasise that.  

Earlier grave? Life’s chances – huh! HIV sure puts
a caybosh on life’s chances; chances of a ‘normal’ life, job, family, not to
mention love. Oh well, at least we’ve got more years in the last chance HIV saloon
– unless they find a cure of course, then chance would be a fine thing.