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Girls Aloud!

Happiness is……when you don’t know when one dog stops and another begins! A doggy match made in heaven – but it wasn’t like that at the beginning. I am dog sitting for a few weeks whilst WW (Wonder Webmaster) has a well deserved holiday, after all fair’s fair – he looks after my website and I look after his dog. The only difference being my computer does not growl and snap or follow me round the house at all hours of the day and night, or want to sleep with me – and neither does it pee on the carpet.

But on saying that Pepsi dog is a joy to look after and I think even Lady Doodle would agree.

“Girls, girls!” I find myself shouting all day long, “Calm down will you”

Talk about Girls Aloud – except when they’re Girls Asleep!

They say that two heads are better than one and so are two dogs. I recommend anyone with HIV related ‘head’ problems or HIV related loneliness and lack of love should get a dog – or even two. I will be sorry when Pepsi has to go home, but in the meantime – Happiness is…

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