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Barking Birthday!

Was my birthday today – 62 what a shock! What did I do? Don’t
be fooled by the above picture. I watched ‘Complete Make-Over’ on the sofa of
course, inbetween being chased round the house by two demented dogs. Lady Doodle
is not taking kindly to visitor Pepsi dog – or her Buster collar.

Then I forgot to order rice with the Chinese take-away which reduced me to tears. How could I
forget the rice? I really am getting senile. All in all, not one of my best
birthdays – but lots of lovely messages on facebook and cards and presents from
my friends. Anyway, why am I moaning about turning 62 – when I was first
diagnosed my prognosis was eight to ten years so with a bit of luck I’ve got a
year left!

Hopefully – and some!

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  Dzulkifli wrote @

Hi Adrienne,
I Dzul from Singapore. not good at proper English language but just to let you know that I am pain that what u suffered is not being told about the truth. I will continue if you respond to what I am to say. Cheers

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