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Ooh La La!

Perdonez moi for my long absence but I have been capital hopping – first to gay Pareee, treat of my sis to celebrate her birthday and then to London. I have never been to Paris before, aside from in transit, so we did all the usual tourist things, visited the Eiffel tower etc. albeit on the sightseeing bus, and of course joined the throngs at the Louvre to view the Mona Lisa.Was more interested in some of the old prints, but can understand the attraction to this one (hand shadow rabbit added by me) as it was highly reminiscent of me and my sis in our long black widow coats.

We were staying in Montmartre so a visit to Sacre Coeur and the square with all the artists was compulsory, where I very nearly succumbed to buying a black beret (already had the obligatory fag in mouth).

Then a night out at the Moulin Rouge where I was suitably entranced by all the feathers, the miniature horses trotting around the stage and the bare bosoms of course, not to mention the people in the queue, especially one group of Japanese hairdressers/models who had the most amazing profiles and hairstyles (unlike mine which as you can see had suffered the effects of the constant Parisian drizzle!).

Then as soon as I got back it was off down to London to do a photo shoot for the latest Gilead (drug company that makes our HIV meds) campaign where I felt like a real model, makeover, wrinkles filled in by makeup artist – had a great time. Am now back in boring Blackburn but one thing I can say about having this terrible affliction, HIV has certainly taken me places – some I didn’t particularly want to go to i.e. mentally, but the rest as in travelling and meeting lots of interesting new people I never would have met had I not been HIV positive has been an unexpected bonus.

So you see there is good in everything if you only look for the silver lining. Sounds like the cue for a song.

“Put down your knitting your book and your broom.”

There is nothing like a bit of camp cabaret – a bit of ooh la la, to cheer one up.

“Start by admitting……From cradle to tomb…….It isn’t that long a stay……Life is a Cabaret, old chum……Only a Cabaret, old chum.”

And I love a Cabaret!

Be My Valentine

Happy Hivine Valentine

LGBT Pop-up Centre

Check out the new LGBT Pop-Up Centre this February!
Lancashire Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Centre are proud to present the UK’s first LGBT Pop-Up Centre. The Centre will run throughout the whole of LGBT History Month in February 2011. They’ll be hosting a range of events and activities and promoting events happening across Lancashire. Highlights include the ‘Outing the Past!’ – a packed and stimulating day at Lancashire Record Office and ‘Pandemonium’ – a unique and unusual night of music and comedy at the Continental, Preston.
As well as the range of events in Lancashire, there are events across the North West and UK – for more information check out the official LGBT History Month website at
The LGBT pop-up centre will be open during the week – so call in and find out more about what’s happening in Lancashire – the centre and events are open to all – whether you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans, straight or queer.
Open Dates & Times
Tuesday 1st February – Saturday 26th February 2011
Tuesdays – Saturdays:           11am – 5pm for open access, art exhibition and information

Art Exhibition: “Positive Picture” by Thrivine
Wednesday 2nd February – Saturday 26th February, 11am – 5pm
LGBT Pop-Up Centre, Guild Hall Arcade, Preston
The ‘Positive Picture’ project was produced by members of ‘Thrivine’ – a HIV support group based in Blackburn that supports people living with and affected by HIV in the East Lancashire area. ‘Positive Picture’ was funded by NHS Dragon’s Apprentice and is a mosaic of fifty canvasses depicting the challenges of people living with and affected by HIV.
Free admission, no booking necessary

Leader of the Pack

I don’t know whether you’ve ever dropped a glass jar of honey on a marble floor but it’s a bugger of a job to clean up, not aided by the fact Lady Doodle wanted to help by licking it up. I had to lock her in another room whilst I attempted to dispose of the sticky dollop glued together with chunks of broken glass. Then I had to make doubly sure there weren’t any slivers remaining to get stuck in her ever inquisitive gums (note to new readers Lady Doodle is a puppy and not a blue blooded lodger or relative!!). This entailed putting my glasses on and getting down on my hands and knees to scrupulously clean the tiles – something which hasn’t been done for many an Alfie Moon.

Oh dear, it’s like having a baby all over again. My ‘baby’ is off visiting his dad this week and I was looking forward to a nice peaceful time, but as they say, there is no peace for the wicked – not sure if I’m wicked but I’m certainly whacked. The sad fact is I think Lady Doodle is sick of only having me for company and probably vice verse. This is giving me a complex. Am I not an interesting enough human being to sustain a meaningful relationship with anyone, least of all a dog? Truth is I was never very good at relationships, even before I was diagnosed HIV positive – so fat chance of sustaining one now, not even with a puppy. 

Sigh…..I will now have to go out and buy another jar of honey, not to mention another bag of dog food for Lady D who is eating me out of house and home – boy can she eat and that includes shoes, newspapers, letters, socks, hair rollers, plants, plant pots. I do love her though, more every day, and she makes me laugh especially when she’s running around the house with her nose stuck in a plant pot like a gas mask. But the state of love brings no peace. I worry if she is sleeping too much (although have to say that doesn’t happen very often) I worry when she is manic, I worry that she will get stolen, run over, get free of her lead, run away and never come back.

There is no peace it seems in love unless you are a selfish person who only thinks about yourself. As for being a strict pack mistress as advised by Caesar dog trainer and people counsellor extraordinaire, I am totally useless. Like wise, in the same way I could never manage to ‘train’ the significant men in my life, or my one and only son for that matter. My particular men would never toe the line, walk to heel, roll over, jump through hoops (proverbial or real), give me the remote control – or any kind of control in fact.

Training them to sit was easy, no training whatsoever needed there, and the same for lie down.  Get up was more of a problem and still is where my son is concerned. As for my past partner, the ‘love of my life’ who is past in both senses of the word (as in passed away) he obviously ignored the command ‘stay in your bed’ and strayed into another pack mistress’s bed – resulting in me contracting this horrible disease.

So be strict with your pack is my advice, be it your offspring, your puppy or your partner as it will pay off in the long run.

Willo sent me this great video about training dogs –  href=’’

What is this particular pack master’s secret? Aside from the flat cap it’s obviously a pocket full of treats.

Ah, so that’s where I went wrong – I’ll have to get a flat cap!