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Woman’s Hour


Tommorrow morning (monday 1st November) sometime between 10am and 11am I will be speaking to Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4 about HIV – am getting nervous, what if I swear!!!!

Update – Just carried a tray downstairs and the cups were rattling!

Got mi’ rollers up too – talk about Mrs Overall!!

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  Veritee wrote @

Much good luck and best wishes for today.
Re the swearing;
I know exactly what you mean as when I get nervous I sometimes swear.

and last night the choir/singling group I’m in had a very important ‘gig’ opening the new Falmouth Art College ( now Falmouth Uni) just built performance center and I was so very nervous!

And I was already on ‘report’ for swaring – used the F word not at anyone but it came out due to nerves as an expression of fear – in front of the paying public and threatened that if I ddi it again I would be ‘removed’ from the choir!!

But last night I did it again, and not just once I beleve I said the F word at least twice but I was so off my head with nerves it could have been more…………………….

So I am now waiting in total fear to see if our musical director heard it or it was reported to her? As if she knowns about it I will be out of my choir by my ear!!!!

So I hope you have better luck than me in not saying a swear word while performing i.e on the womens hour broadcast.

I am sure you will not as I am sure you have far more self control than me!

Good luck again and lots of love
Veritee XXXXXX

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