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What has water got against me? First it was the leaky ceiling in Ibiza, then the floods, then my tap dropped off followed by my dishwasher packing in, now the hospital has called me after my recent three monthly review and there’s a problem with my kidneys.

Now, not being a medical expert I’m not really sure whether this is water related or not, but I do know you’re supposed to drink a lot of water to keep them functioning properly and if it’s the wrong kind of water you get kidney stones, like poor Luis in my blog, “Pricks and Stones.”

Coincidentally, there have been recent reports about Truvada and kidney problems, but as there are detrimental side effects to all HIV drugs I didn’t give it much mind. Now it looks like I will have to change meds – again – which is a shame because I really liked Truvada (sounds like she was my best friend at boarding school). But we got on really well, much better than with that bloody Kivexa (sounds like school bully).

Wonder what the next one will be called? Why don’t they come up with a wonder drug that would cure us all with a wave of their magic wand – abracadabra.


Abracadabra is the magic word used in conjuring tricks which historically was believed to have healing (as opposed to Austin) powers. Back in the 2nd century malaria sufferers wore amulets containing the word written in the form of a triangle which allegedly diminished the hold of the patient of the spirit of the disease. Maybe we should try it for HIV.

A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A – B – R – A
A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A – B – R
A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A – B
A – B – R – A – C – A – D – A
A – B – R – A – C – A – D
A – B – R – A – C – A
A – B – R – A – C
A – B – R – A
A – B – R
A – B

According to the encyclopaedia Britannia it was also used as a magical formula by the Gnostics and I know what you are thinking, that I don’t know how to spell. But agnostics and Gnostics are two separate entities and you have to be an agnostic before you can become a Gnostic – then you just knock the ‘a’ off.

Now of course the word adacadabra is used mainly by stage magicians and the odd Lancashire witch, along with hocus pocus which according to wikipedia derives from, “ochus bochus – a magician and demon of the north.”

Do they mean that slimy Paul Daniels who in fact is a southerner and thank god was knocked out of ‘strictly’ at an early stage otherwise I would have had to stop watching. It’s no good, I will have to ask Stephen Fry who apparently knows everything. I keep tweeting him but he never replies.

I will leave you with this thought inspiring quote which sounds like something dear Stephen would say.

“When the eye and the ear of the beholder are both earnestly busied the trick is not so easily discovered nor the impostor discerned.”

Hmmm – have to remember that.

Anyway, note to scientists, medical researchers, Gilead and all big drug companies and even Stephen Fry – what are you waiting for – abracabadravir the drug that makes HIV go away. I wish!


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  Micheal Muramoto wrote @

Awesome post. I so good to see someone taking the time to share this information

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