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Some Mothers!

Happy Mother’s day, the day when traditionally children pay their respect to their mothers. In times gone by young British girls and boys in service were only allowed one day to visit their family each year, this was usually on mothering Sunday. What a great idea. Bring back the old days I say!

Mother’s day is celebrated in many countries around the world in different ways and there are many theories about how it began.

Back in 1938 the German government issued an award called The Mothers Cross, ‘Mutterkreuz’, although this was mainly to encourage women to breed more children for the master race. Criteria against being honoured were unfeminine behaviour, smoking, drinking or doing poor housework. No Mutterkreuz for me then – unless it was mutterkreuzing on someone’s yacht.  

If you want to do something different for your mother this year, for £20 you can adopt a word. Some of the words you could choose in relation to mothers were, selfless, care, shoulder, nurture, protect. Thinking about offspring, in particular sons, they should have added wallet, cash, why not, gimmee gimmee and take.

The charity ‘I Can’ is for children who struggle to find words they need to communicate. Some of the Celebrities chosen words were, Graham Norton- frolic, Stephen Fry –wordy, Paul McCartney- gift, Liza Tarbuck –squit. (oh please!)

I had a quick look to see if positive was still available and yes it was.  “Great news, this word is available for adoption. Adopt it now and give it a happy home. Look after it and give it plenty of exercise. It will be exclusively yours for a whole year.”

 I also looked up HIV – that was still available too. It’s just a shame that after a year I couldn’t give it back.


  Pat Klassen wrote @

My mom has been gone for one year and I miss her terribly. This is a special quote for my mom.

My mother is like a flower, beautiful and unique!


  Rachael Garkow wrote @

I’ve just started off a blog, the knowledge you give on this site has aided me extremely. Thank you for all your time & work.

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