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Healing Mandalas

sand-mandala-samll1  hand-mandala1



 I have finally got round to uploading the film featured on you tube, “Mandalas, HIV and life threatening illness,” in which both Cath and I took part. The film was made by Jan Mojsa (or Jandala as she has since been re christened) and describes the Mandala Project at Body Positive North West a centre in Manchester UK for people affected by HIV.


The Tibetan sand mandala is used as a tool for gaining wisdom and compassion and is believed to effect purification and healing. Over a number of days the design is filled with millions of grains of coloured sand. On its completion the grains of sand are swept up and dispersed in flowing water to enact the impermanent nature of existence.


According to Buddhist scripture sand mandalas transmit positive and healing energies to the environment and to the people who view them offering enlightenment, the liberation of all beings and the development of compassion and insight into the nature of reality.


A mandala’s healing power extends to the whole world even before it is swept up and dispersed into flowing water. I would therefore like to pass these mandalas on with love, peace and healing intention for anyone who needs it.


You can view the film by clicking the link on the blog roll – Mandala video – HIV and life threatening illnesses.

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