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Barack Obama on HIV Testing

american-flag-3In the early days of his presidential campaign, which today resulted in his glorious victory, Barack Obama on a visit to Kenya publicly took an HIV test with his wife in order to lessen stigma. Obama and his wife, Michelle, entered the mobile lab and underwent HIV tests in an effort to reduce the public stigma associated with testing. He said the results were good news but the most important thing was the control that comes with knowing their HIV status.

`If a U S senator can get tested and his wife can get tested, then everybody in this crowd can get tested. Everybody in this city can get tested,” Obama said.

According to an article in the ‘Advocate’, at the time, Obama’s future plans would be to include increasing funding for HIV/AIDS research, care and prevention and developing a national strategy within the first year of his administration.

Let’s hope, unlike his predecessors he will not let the world down on this vital matter.   


  Anne wrote @

George W. Bush did not let down the world on HIV. Quite the contrary: if ever a US president worked to help countries ravaged by the virus, Bush did. He is unpopular. But like him or not, many people in sub-saharan Africa, Asia and the rest of teh world are alive today thanks to teh US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS in Africa. Bush knew he was leaving office, but personally pushed through congress a trippled budget for PEPFAR. In Kenya more than 90% of people on life-prolonging Antiretroviral Treatment are beneficiaries of Bush’s PEPFAR. Question now is, will Obama keep this initiative alive? He has shown a good gesture. But already the Vice President-Elect Joe Biden has moved a motion opposing PEPFAR’s abstinence-until-marriage program. So Which administration is more dedicated to fight HIV?

  hivine wrote @

Hi Anne,

Perhaps many people will be unaware of these facts, so thanks for pointing them out and as you say, let’s hope that Obama does keep the initiative alive. But it doesn’t defer from the fact that HIV stigma is still rife in the US, fueled by the riduculous law which still prevents people with HIV from entering the country or even passing through without declaring their status and then being blacklisted from that moment on. To my mind the real fight against HIV/AIDS will never be over unless the stigma against HIV positive people is lessened.


  Viv wrote @

It’s good to know that George W did something right. ‘Unpopular’ doesn’t even come close Anne.

My overwhelming image after the wonderful Obama victory was the face of Jesse Jackson with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Well done America for renewing our faith in democracy. Viv (UK)

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