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The Halo Project – Mexican Diary

The Halo Project

Well, the indefatigable Rob (alias Phil Mitchell of market stall fame) managed to pull off the scoop of scoops at a press conference today by getting the wonderful Annie Lennox to pose in my tee-shirt, especially designed for Body Positive North West for Mexico to promote our positive women’s services – how good was that!

This resulted in the birth of the HALO Project, a human rights campaign aimed at raising HIV/AIDS awareness in regard to the millions of HIV positive women who have to try to live a normal life whilst carrying the added burden of this anti-social disease.

The design on the tee-shirt represents hope, faith and humour, qualities which every HIV positive woman needs to possess, in order to survive in a world which unfortunately is still filled with stigma and prejudice and forces many of us to live invisible lives, cowering behind the doors of false shame and feared, as well as only too often experienced, public condemnation.

The ultimate goal of the HALO project is to campaign for the basic human right of every woman, whether HIV positive or not, to be able to love, work, contribute and celebrate their lives with dignity and respect, without fear of being condemned by societies miscomprehension and lack of support.

Every woman who bought a HALO tee-shirt at the conference from then on agreed to send a photograph of themselves wearing the HALO tee-shirt from all parts of the globe, as a mark of support and consolidarity for the HALO campaign, which when we get back will be featured on the BP website.

The other campaign dear to my heart and which I also want to promote is HIV testing. Have the test – know your status and maybe save your own life. Many people are dying from AIDS related causes without even knowing that they have been carrying the virus.

People think you don’t die from AIDS anymore. Yes, it may be true that with the benefit of the medication that unfortunately only some of us are lucky enough to have access to, you don’t die – but you die inside.

Knowing that you are HIV positive is like a light going out inside you.

The Halo project, with your support, will hopefully keep that little light burning bright.

If you want to take part in the project or for any further information contact Emma at or click on the BODY POSITIVE NORTH WEST link on the blogroll.

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