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HIVINE is written by HIV positive women but still with a sense of humour



  Stephanie wrote @

Hi Adrienne,
Its your long lost cousin……just have to say..I do love coming on your blog site and reading your blogs. As I am reading and I’m thinking you should write a book…I defiantly would go out and buy it. I must say I find you to be a very strong and admirable lady. I take strength from you, and use it in everyday life.

  hivine wrote @

Hi Steph,
lovely to hear from you and thanks for the comments – it’s great that you are enjoying
the blogs because I really enjoy writing them – sad really but what can you do! You somehow have to make the bad into something good and that’s what I’m trying to do and if it helps others along the way, all the better.
Thanks to you too for reading them and sending me encouraging comments,

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